Of Course Obama's Poll Numbers Are Plummeting — He's The President

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There are certain definites in American politics: a President's popularity will decline after his election; Republicans will oppose health reform; Congress will spend money even when it doesn't have to. This morning, Washington Independent's Spencer Ackerman and I dig in.

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Little Green Frog

Re: health care reform, I saw Kathleen Sebelius on the Daily Show and I gotta tell you: I didn't get warm and fuzzy feelings.

I mean, I am all for government plans but the answers on how she envisions to have it implemented, and who would be eligible didn't seem to provide a solution to me.

She said that only people with no access to insurance right now will be eligible. So, if your employer offers insurance but your premium is too expensive and you can't afford it, you also cannot get the government plan.

She also said that if the business couldn't afford give insurance to their employees then the employees could use the government plan. Can you imagine that can of worms? How many businesses would claim they "cannot give that benefit anymore" and stop offering plans and force people to use the government plan? I think it gives businesses an incentive to remove that employee benefit (and yes, it is a benefit, like when they pay for you parking or bus pass, but still).