Of Course Chill Couple Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke Maroney Are Going to Have a Chill Wedding

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Jennifer Lawrence appears to be going through with this whole plan to marry her generic-looking art dealer fiancé Cooke Maroney, regardless of my silent pleas for her to reunite with Nicholas Hoult. Fine! Apparently their wedding will be super chill and low-key. You know J. Law, so down-to-earth she’s practically welded to the ground. According to Elle:

Still, don’t expect any ritzy formal wedding. “They are both very low key and down to earth and want nothing more than to avoid a ‘stuffy, pretentious’ atmosphere,” the source said. “Their vision is traditional with a relaxed and causal ceremony, they mainly just want to share their love with friends and family and to express their happiness to those closest to them.”


I’m sure she’ll look great, and maybe if we’re lucky she’ll pop out of a stack of Vienna sausages or tackle a greased pig to get all those stuffy art world people to loosen up a bit. Just keep her away from the Porta Potties, for the love of god.


Britney Spears and Sam Asghari spent the weekend in Miami, where they baked in the sun and rode jet skis. Are you guys ready?

An “insider” told E! that:

Britney was very daring and not scared. She has an adventurous side that came out and she was having a great time,” the source tells E! News. “She was definitely in her element being at the beach and enjoying the nice weather. She was very relaxed and just happy to be there.”

Congrats to Britney—for her getaway, for riding a jet ski at 60 mph, and for being “very daring and not scared.” A great way to approach life!

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Now that I’m engaged, I went from not giving a shit about other people’s wedding plans to wishing I Thee Dread was still active. Literally, every person I’ve spoken to that had a wedding made it sound the complete opposite of chill.