This is one of two French AIDS-prevention advertisements to win a Bronze medal at the Cannes International Advertising Festival (click the picture to see this and the one with a dude writ, um, large). The tag line: "Explore. Just protect yourself." Although the tongues in the female version are non-gender specific, the advertisement for a man contains a female face that looks like a blow-up doll, several obviously feminine mouths and genitalia that looks way more like a pocket pussy than a woman being as it lacks legs (or hair) for context, but no obvious visual references to anal sex (or non-gendered assholes). I guess a man's exploring is supposed to be limited to women, but since all women are supposedly a little bi and it's less "gross," the tongues don't have to obviously be dudes'. Anyway, we're mostly trying to figure if the pictures are erotic or weird, or both. Vive la France! [Salon]


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