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Sex. Celebrity. Politics. With Teeth

Octavia Spencer Wins Big and All Anyone Wants to Talk About is Her Weight

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

She won big at the SAGS, but of course all the backstage interviewers seemed to care about when it came to The Help's Octavia Spencer was her weight – one of them going so far as to call her a "foodie" actress. Condescending much? Anyway, she said that while she could stand to lose "a little round the middle," women in Hollywood would be happier if they ate a bit more. "Women would be much happier if they ate," she said. "I know I sure get a headache when I don' t eat." [E!]
An exercise in conflicting headlines fossicked from the same quote pool, People are saying that Spencer admitted she was "not healthy" in terms of weight. [People]
Cute video: Octavia and her BFF/date Josh Hopkins are adorable! [Extra]


Pearls were clutched, monocles fell to the floor and a symphony of gasps were heard across the land when it was announced that People had anointed Bradley Cooper Sexiest Man Alive over Ryan Gosling — even Cooper himself admitted that there must have been a miscount. But now Gosling is bravely coming forward to say that there was no vote fixing and he truly believes that the sexier man won. "I voted for Bradley and I'm glad he won," said Gosling. He was also quizzed about his lack of an Oscar nomination for Drive and whether he thought he'd been cheated, giving the eloquent reply: "No." Got it. [THR]
It's Hey Girl … for the lactating among us, with Gosling and co. giving pregnant women a little shower-nozzle masturbation material. [SF Gate]


It must be a pretty depressing state of affairs when you realize that Groupon can make or break your career, but that's just what has happen to Katherine Heigl whose critical bomb One For The Money is a mild commercial success thanks to a discount offer. Coming in at number four over the weekend box office, Lionsgate honcho David Spitz said he didn't think it helped all that much because only 11 per cent surveyed had utilized the deal. "These are people who wouldn't have gone to see the film," he said. Um, isn't that the point? Besides, 11 per cent of an $11.8 million gross is still a chunk of change. [E!]


More SAGs fun: three of the Bridesmaids gals – Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph and Melissa McCarthy — decided to inject a little fun in the evening by inventing an awards-appropriate drinking game. "You have to take a drink every time, and I mean every time, you hear the word 'Scorsese,'" explained McCarthy, Grey Goose in hand. "You'd be surprised how much that comes up in just casual conversation because people like to throw that thing around." Bottoms up! [People]


It what seems like a wise move considering the tedious love triangle that we're still talking about all these years later, Brad Pitt said that he and Angelina Jolie have blocked their names in their children's computer search engines so they don't catch wind of the tabloid antics. "On all the kids' computers we had our names blocked," he said. "They can't Google their mom and dad. I don't want to make myself dependent on what other people think." [People]


  • These hilariously catty fake quotes let Ashton Kutcher know that Demi Moore's recent woes aren't all about him. [NYDN]
  • Gerard Butler says that he's never heard of Brandi Glanville and therefore did not have sexual relations with that woman. Which we know is an outright lie as who hasn't at least heard of the terrible brilliance that is The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills. [NYDN]
  • Anjelica Huston is, was and will always be amazing. [WSJ]
  • Real estate porn: the Coppola edition. [WSJ]
  • Queens, warm up those TiVos because Madonna is debuting her new single on American Idol this Thursday. [American Idol]
  • Today in sad, soap actor Nick Santino committed suicide after he was forced to put his dog down. [E!]
  • 30 Rock's Katriona Bowden is engaged to be married. [E!]
  • Jane Krakowski says she is more of a neurotic mom than Tina Fey because it's her first time at the rodeo of child-rearing terror. [E!]
  • Oh, my god! You guys aren't going to believe this, but Jennifer Aniston actually ate in front of boyfriend Justin Theroux. Aren't you supposed to wait a few years until the sex dies down until you attempt that passion killer? [US]
  • What initially sounds like a proud throwback moment is actually kind of sweet, Sam Worthington saying that he's glad that girlfriend Crystal Humphries doesn't work so they can hang out together more often. [MSN]
  • Speaking of taking some time off from work, Michelle Williams is about to go on a hiatus so she can spend more time with her daughter, Matilda. [HuffPo]
  • Willie Nelson is happy to get political when it comes to old friends, coming out to play in support of U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich in Ohio. [Yahoo]
  • You and I might not care for her, but Kim Kardashian still has stalker-level fans who are still quite into her. [TMZ]
  • He's the first photo of James Franco playing Hugh Hefner in Lovelace. [The Sun]
  • Kyra Sedgwick showed off an intriguing tattoo at the SAGs, a combination of the initials of her husband Kevin Bacon and their two kids. [Daily Mail]