Occupy Wall Street Fails to Disrupt Fashion Week

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Well, Occupy Wall Street's much-hyped protest outside the Calvin Klein show yesterday was a bust. Only five protesters turned up. "We had a bus load of people coming down from Albany, but something happened to the bus," said #OWS protest spokesperson Jason Stone-Diaz. Though they claimed to have reinforcements inside — "We have 15 activists inside the show and they're going to do something, but we're not sure what" — both the 2 p.m. show and the 3 p.m. show came off without a hitch. The protesters' claims, as reported in the press, were vague; mention was made of the fashion industry's "unemployment problem" and the fact that fashion shows celebrate "riches beyond belief." Strangely, nobody thought to draw attention to Calvin Klein's long history of mono-ethnic runway shows; this season, as per usual, Calvin gave 32 out of its 33 runway looks to white models, making it one of the whitest shows at New York fashion week. Our full report on diversity at NYFW will be published later today. [WWD, The Jane Dough]


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Last night, Guns N Roses played a fashion week closing party, which was hosted by the tequila brand DeLeon. After a long, rainy day and a week of 16-hour workdays, exhaustion and curiosity fought a battle, and after some quality time with a beer and a cheesburger, curiosity won. Axl and whoever else he's playing with these days took the stage an hour and twenty minutes late — in other words, practically on time. He was wearing boot-cut True Religion jeans, snakeskin cowboy boots, a cowboy hat, sunglasses, and he had a pinkie ring for every finger. His black leather jacket was made of stingray. Stingray! Fashion week reliably has one seemingly random musical artist who plays all of the after-parties (the ones who are sporting about it, like Courtney Love, even oblige with a few clever pop covers, like "Bad Romance"). This season, it was Axl. The Christian-Audigier's-Texan-brother get-up aside, he still has it, vocally. But the set was all over the place: Axl wandered off the stage several times (he changed his jacket, hat, and sunglasses — twice — creating the impression that the man travels with a garment rack of studded black leather and a valet), for a while it seemed like he was punishing the crowd with new material ("I'm so glad I got to hear the bassist sing," snarked one guest), and the crowd had a weird, mean kind of energy. Also, there were Winklevii. (We stood pretty close to Cameron, or Tyler, or maybe it was Armie Hammer, come to think of it.) aAnd Adrienne Curry, Jared Leto, and Matt Damon. We left an hour in, when Axl had the band play the theme to The Pink Panther. What better time than that to sneak out?

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Natalia Vodianova is on the cover of Vogue Paris. [DS]

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This Scottish dairy company is getting so sued. Just because Alexander McQueen has a nice logo doesn't mean you can take it as your own! [The Scotsman]

  • Rihanna is rumored to be attending London Fashion Week because she's hosting some kind of fashion-related reality show. [Elle UK]
  • Amanda Brooks, the Barneys fashion director, wore flats throughout New York fashion week due to a back problem that required surgery. But she found she liked it. "It's very liberating. It's amazing how much more emotional energy you have when you're wearing flats! You can go anywhere or do anything in flats. Something about heels just makes you want to lie down." [The Cut]
  • Nicole Richie is shilling a clothing line on QVC. It'll début on February 24, and Richie describes her goal for the collaboration thusly: "I wanted you to be able to walk into your closet with your eyes closed and pick something special." PR pro-tip: it's probably best to avoid references to getting dressed with eyes closed when doing press for your new clothing line. [WWD]
  • The generally stunning and relatably foul-mouthed Ellen Barkin says that L'Wren Scott and vintage comprise her entire wardrobe. "The brilliance of L'Wren is that body-hugging is your friend," said the actress, who first met the costume designer-turned-designer-designer when she was working on a film. "No matter what your body is like, the ass goes up; the boobs go up; the hips stay in." [The Cut]
  • Dolce & Gabbana tapped Monica Belluci as the face of a new line of lipsticks. The actress was previously a longtime face of Dior, where she advertised — among other things — lipsticks. [WWD]
  • In fashion week stunts, a streaker outside Lincoln Center proved to be a comedian promoting an improv show. Also, it's not really "streaking" if you keep your underwear on. Amateur. [Refinery29]
  • Nicki Minaj and Ricky Martin held a party for their MAC Viva Glam ads. Minaj fronts a pink lipstick, and Martin advertises a unisex lip balm. The products support the MAC AIDS Fund, which is on track to reach $250 million raised by this summer (the fund helps people living with HIV/AIDS). Martin shouted to the crowd, "Use a condom! Use a condom!" [WWD]
  • At the MAC party, Coco Rocha explained that her affinity for the brand dates back to her first ever modeling shoot, a test with a photographer that had no hair and makeup. So she headed to the nearest department store. "I went to the MAC counter, and, you know, you've got to buy one thing, so I did that. They were like, ‘Why do you need makeup at two in the afternoon on a school day?' And I was like, ‘I have a photo shoot. And you're my makeup artist.'" [The Cut]
  • Carine Roitfeld is reportedly in talks to start the magazine she keeps on talking about starting with the group that owns V. The former editor of Vogue Paris recently guest-edited an issue of V. [WWD]
  • It seems like Arianna Huffington didn't look up from her phone once this fashion week. [Styleite]
  • Eleven U.K. modeling agencies have pledged to ban the models they represent from using tanning beds, because tanning beds give you cancer and make you wrinkly. [Daily Mail]



One thing OWS actually did manage to do was get Calvin Klein to ban all "non-essential" personnel from backstage this season, which they decided extended to all the parents/guardians/agents who would normally accompany young models to a runway show. Apparently they felt there was no way to efficiently verify the identities of the models' guardians and make sure they were not involved in the protest.

Nice work, OWS!