Obama's Rubber And Cheney's Glue

  • Barack Obama responded to Dick Cheney's criticism that Obama would cause the next terrorist attack by saying that, in fact, it was going to be Cheney's fault. [Politico]
  • Obama also thinks we probably need an exit strategy from Afghanistan. What, we're not going to try a permanent occupation of it? [BBC]
  • If you're worried that lobbyists are going to have too much influence as to how the stimulus money gets spent, don't. In the new Obama Administration, they're going to tell you exactly how much influence lobbyists are having. That's change. [Washington Post]
  • Also, get your populist rage hats on now, as some foreign companies that have operations in the U.S. may get stimulus funds to hire Americans and then may make money! Foreigners! I mean, unless you're one of the 5.3 million Americans employed by foreign companies in the U.S., then you won't need your pitchfork. [Washington Post]
  • Former Commerce Secretary nominee and Dick In Chief Judd Gregg says Obama's budget — not the bailout or the stimulus — will bankrupt the country and Johnny Mac agrees. [AP, Salon]
  • Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner's got a brand new plan to convince hedge funds to buy toxic assets that no one wants. Someone should tell him that Bernie Madoff ruined Ponzi schemes for at least a year. [BBC]
  • Iran's Ayatollah Ali Khamenei responded to Obama's overtures by farting in his general direction. [Huffington Post]
  • Senator from Maine Olympia Snowe thinks some Dems need to sack up and and tell the Administration no sometimes. She's mostly missed, like Oregon Senator Ron Wyden, that Chris Dodd took out her bonus limitations at Geithner's request. [Huffington Post]

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