Obama's Looking At The Right, And None Of Us Like What He Sees

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  • A group calling itself "Blacks Against Obama" interrupted Obama's speech today in Coral Gables, Florida. Their main beefs appear to be his support for child support, reproductive rights and marriage equity, though they're also not fans of, well, all African-American women, so we're guessing it's really "Black Men Against Obama". [Stereohyped, Over The Rockies, For Obama]
  • Time's Karen Tumulty points out that McCain's new ad about Obama's economic advisers' ties to Fannie Mae don't feature white former Obama adviser Jim Johnson but do feature African-American non-adviser Frank Raines — and one very sad looking little old white lady. No race-baiting here, folks, they swear it was just an "honest" mistake. [Time]
  • In yet another advertising fuck-up for the McCain camp, they've received a cease-and-desist letter for Fox News for using Major Garrett's voice over in an ad. Seriously, when Fox News doesn't want their guys associated with your Republican campaign for the Presidency, you got problems. [Politico]
  • Now that the government is taking over everything, the Dow rebounded nearly 400 points. Apparently, people in the stock market hold the Bush Administration in higher esteem than pretty much anyone else in the country. [LA TimesIf elected, Sarah Palin plans to continue the Grand Old Tradition of pretending she's not a part of the Executive Branch to avoid subpoenas when her office commits illegal acts. She's got some experience in that, after all. [Think Progress]
  • In yet another poll of stupid things Americans would do with the candidates, they'd rather Obama teach their kids (he'll never call their daughters "cunts") and they'd rather watch football with him. But who would they rather get shitty drunk with? Who? Who? Americans demand real answers to real questions except when they don't. [Breitbart]
  • New York Congressman and Ways and Means Committee Chairman Charlie Rangel (D-NY) may face an election-year investigation of his many, many shady dealings, led by the Democratic chair of the House ethics committee. He claims that his tax fraud, illicit use of rent-controlled apartments, use of his position to solicit funds for an outside group and (now) wrongful use of the House parking garage to store his car are part of a Republican "guerrilla war." Maybe it's just because you did some bad stuff, Charlie? I often find that refraining from doing illegal things generally keeps people from investigating me. [Washington Post, New York Times]



I was actually at that rally in Miami today. The "disruption" lasted all of a minute. From what I could see of the signs, they mentioned a KKK endorsement (no idea, but, um, doubt it) and that he supported gay marriage.

Also, everyone I saw holding the signs was male. After the rally, they were driving past the people leaving holding the signs out of their yellow Lamborghini. Weirdness all around.