Obama's Ad Buy So Successful, The Crazies Come Out Of the Woodwork

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  • Last's night's Obamamercial was seen by about 30 million Americans, which was almost a quarter of all the people who were watching TV at that time. That's not including all the people that saw clips of it or watched it online. [CNN]
  • Joe Biden and, like, almost everyone else in the country that hasn't drunk some serious Republican Kool Aid think that Exxon Mobil's $15 billion in profits last quarter means they probably don't need a tax break. [CNN]
  • Campbell Brown continues on her one-woman crusade to eliminate bullshit by asking Senator Dole to stop her specious attacks on her opponent's religiousness (or what Dole says is her lack thereof). Go, Campbell, go! [Huffington Post]
  • Maybe next she can tackle the reported 23 percent of Texans that think Obama is a Muslim. [Houseton Chronicle]
  • At the very least, she could roll her eyes at the McCain campaign's efforts to get the media to dig up dirt on Obama's house in the next 5 days. And look more into Rezko. [UPI, AP]
  • She did apparently inspire CNN's Rick Sanchez to find his balls and drill McCain blogger Michael Goldfarb about some crazytown shit he was saying, to the point where Goldfarb just silently refused to answer like the douche he is. (Remember, ladies, douches are bad for your vadges. Just like Michael Goldfarb.) [Think Progress]
  • Fox News' Neil Cavuto thinks McCain lacks principles on economic matters. We say, "Just on economic matters?" [Crooks & Liars]
  • Missouri Senator Kit Bond wants you all to know that Obama will appoint judges that will empathize with "the gay." Honey, we all empathize with Lindsay Graham's unrequited love for John McCain. But I don't think Obama will make that a litmus test for judges. [CBS News]
  • The craziest thing on the Internet today: Obama has been hypnotizing us all. This is why you read his rational economic policies, his stance on reproductive choice, his foreign policy ideas, his promotion of pay equity for women and everything else he's ever said on policy and then think that McCain yelling "Socialist! Terrorist! End of American as we know it! The sky is falling! AHHHHHHH!!" sounds so crazy. Hyponotism. You betcha. [Freedom's Pheonix (pdf)]
  • And, finally, as I predicted, the anti-Palin supposedly octogenarian "Margaret and Helen" aren't octogenarians, Margaret, or Helen. So please stop emailing us about them. [Radosh]


Jessi Ramsey

Liddy Dole is disgusting. My mama sent copies of the literature Dole and the RNC are mailing out. " Kay Hagan thinks gays should be able to join the boy scouts! Kay Hagan wants TWO MEN to get be able to get married. Kay Hagan wants the immigrants to take all our jobs!"