Not long after SockObama Co. founders David and Elizabeth Lawson (of West Jordan, Utah) took down their website and apologized for offending people with their toy portraying Barack Obama as a monkey, it turns out they actually have more to say and they'll be damned if us liberal blogospheric discriminators are going to keep them from saying it.

In the good ol' fashion spirit of entrepreneurialism ; free enterprise has been censored, and TheSockObama politically plush toy has been discriminated against in the marketplace of the United States of America.

Also, by the way, we're hypocrites for saying Bush looks like a primate but noting the long, racist history of referring to black people that way and taking offense at a toy based on it. And we're bullies who swore at them over e-mail and made them issue refunds and stop mass-marketing their toy which they were just trying to live the American dream by manufacturing. This isn't the America they want to live in, people, where struggling white entrepreneurs in Utah can't be quietly allowed to mass market their racially-charged and offensive toys to racists the world over without being called out on it by hypocritical, bullying liberals who hate American and Free Enterprise. I'm cool with them not living here, actually. Anyone else? [Salt Lake Tribune]