Obama Is Up By Nearly 20 Points Among Women Voters

Despite his cynically pandering choice of Sarah Palin, John McCain is having trouble securing the female vote, as Obama has opened up a 19-point lead among women voters, according to Time. The Pew poll has Obama up by 17 points, and the Boston Globe points out that the groundswell of support for Obama among women is similar to the level of support received by "the last successful Democratic candidate, Bill Clinton, when he won his second term in 1996." Two weeks ago, Obama was only up by 10 points, and Time attributes the increased lead to a shift among white women. "No Democratic presidential candidate in recent history has had numbers that strong with married women and white women."The Globe attributes the female shift towards Obama to three things: the tanking economy, Obama's inclusive health care plan, and McCain's move to anti-choice land. "Obama has maintained a quieter but aggressive campaign through mail and radio ads to claim that his opponent 'will make abortion illegal,'" the Globe says. "McCain's strategists have conceded that the candidate's opposition to abortion has hurt his standing among suburban women." At this point, Palin's support is far greater than men than among women, despite the reproductive equipment she shares with the latter group. As Megan noted in yesterday's News Roundup, McCain has adopted Hillary Clinton's mortgage buyout plan as an attempt to woo female voters, but we have our fingers crossed and salt thrown over our right shoulders and we're hoarding rabbit feet in the hopes that things continue trending in this utterly awesome way.

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