Obama Can See America From Cairo

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  • Barack Obama gave his long-awaited speech in Egypt this morning, giving a thumbs-up to democracy, a thumbs-down to new Israeli settlements and some recognition to the fact that America fucks up some times. [NY Times]
  • Speaking of settlements, the Israelis are saying that Dubya promised them they could build new ones and call it not building new settlements and we'd all be cool. [NY Times]
  • Why does Pat Buchanan keep getting on television to spew his crazy racist bullshit? [Huffington Post]
  • Dick Cheney wants his daughter Liz to run for office. [ThinkProgress]
  • Hillary Clinton thinks the Chinese should come clean as to who they killed and disappeared during the Tiananmen Square protests; the Chinese are, suffice it to say, really not ready to do that. [BBC]
  • Obama's talking health insurance mandates. [NY Times]
  • Michelle had lunch with Nancy Reagan. [People]
  • Big surprise: not even the Obama's marriage was (or is) always awesome or perfect, but they got through it. [MSNBC]
  • Senate Republicans, looking to have it both ways, played nice to Judge Sonia Sotomayor for the press while sending their aides to GOP groups to encourage them to keep smearing her. [The Hill]
  • Senator Lindsey Graham is just an everyday white dude who is so sad that women and people of color might on equal footing that he's moved to tears...and it'll take an uncomfortably long snuggle with John McCain to make him stop. [Washington Post]


Erin Gloria Ryan

At the end of his presidency, GWB insisted that history would validate his decisions. So far, it's just turning out that Bush was even shittier than we thought he was and that Dick The Dick Cheney was actually running the show.

The feeling is like how I felt at the end of that Korean movie OldBoy, when the main character realizes that he was romantically involved with his daughter.