Obama and Romney Go Head-to-Head in Mother's Day Video Showdown

Mother's Day is nothing if not an opportunity for politicians to pander to the lady vote, and this year the presidential candidates both took a stab at appealing to women. Obama, who you may remember believes that women are a varied and smart group, spent some time remembering all of the women who shaped him and talking about how Michelle has managed to produce two daughters that he calls "magical."

Romney's campaign, on the other hand, opted to focus on the only woman Mitt Romney seems to have ever met: his wife Ann. The video is Happy Mother's Day message from all the Romney sons, which is kind of sweet, but seems only to be designed to humanize Ann—who isn't the Romney parent who really needs humanizing, but whatever!—rather than talk about the contributions of moms everywhere.

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Wow, those two videos are like two completely different versions of America encapsulated. I love how multicultural the extended Obama family is (his grandparents, mom, stepdad and half sister, Michelle and the girls). And you see a similar mix in the photos of him with constituents' kids. And then there's the blinding whiteness of that posed, formal Romney extended family photo with their matching outfits that just emphasize their sameness. I mean, you fall in love with who you fall in love with so it's not really fair to criticize the Romneys but looking at Obama's family I don't see how he could be prejudiced against or callous toward any particular group when he has had close familial relationships with such a diverse group.

That's not even to get started on the women in Obama's family whose work and independence is emphasized starting with his grandmother, compared to the only woman featured in the Romney ad (I am a SAHM so I am not trying to restart that war, but there is a stark difference). Mrs. Romney does look like she is/was an extremely caring mother, but this ad has basically told us nothing about Mitt. So lame.