Obama Administration Will Afford Only Some Rights To Gay Americans

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  • In the wake of the Obama Administration brief in which same sex marriage was compared to incest, its offer to extend some federal benefits to domestic partners seems like a sop, especially without full health insurance benefits. [Huffington Post]
  • In response to the debacle over this Administration's efforts to deny that LGBT Americans deserve the same access to federal law as straight Americans, a bunch of LGBT Democrats are pulling out of a large DNC fundraiser and planning protests. [AmericaBlog]
  • Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid sensed another opportunity to prove his spinelessness and declared that, despite what the White House has said to get out of repealing Don't Ask Don't Tell on its own, it will be accomplished by executive order. [ThinkProgress]
  • Elsewhere in the world, Mir Hossein Mousavi has called for massive protests in Iran tomorrow to commemorate those of his supporters killed by Iranian government forces. [MSNBC]
  • Violent clashes between Mousavi supporters and Iranian government forces have started spreading outside of Tehran. [UPI]
  • Grand Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri agrees with the protesters that the election results were a sham. [McClatchy]
  • Some Iranian soldiers have decided that the Mousavi supporters need to be protected from the Basji militias (the main violent faction of the Iranian forces and loyal mostly to Ahmadenijad). [ABC Australia]
  • At the other end of the Axis of Evil, the U.S. and South Korean governments have sworn not to give Kim Jong Il any more money to stop his saber-rattling. [Associated Press]
  • A Fox News poll shows most Americans have no idea who the fuck is on the Supreme Court. [Washington Post]
  • Republican Senator John Ensign has admitted to boinking a campaign staffer (and the wife of one of his former top Senate staffers) for more than a year. The anti-gay-marriage, Promise Keeper Senator claims his disclosure came about because the former staffer tried to blackmail him. [Politico]
  • By the way, more than two-thirds of Americans think that politicians' kids — yes, even Sarah Palin's daughters — should not be the butt of late night talk show anchors' jokes. [US News & World Report]
  • You wouldn't know that by yesterday's anti-Letterman protests, which drew a sum total of 15 hate-filled people who don't like anyone but Bristol Palin having kids out of wedlock. A picture of the massive event, taken by a friend who prefers to remain nameless, is below. [Huffington Post]
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meritxell: an erotic life

So what's up with the DOMA brief? Is the DOJ advancing all this ricockulous arguments with the hope that the court will be forced to address and rule against them, thereby setting persuasive authority for other circuits?

Seriously, are the Democrats still so cowed by the OMG9/11OMG Republicans that they can't just fucking do something even with a supermajority and a really decisive victory last year? I swear to Flying Spaghetti Monster that if we don't get a viable public option on fucking health care... well, I'll still be voting Democrat because what else am I gonna do...