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O Rly?

Illustration for article titled O Rly?

A missive from our intern, Anna N.: "So I read through O magazine yesterday, and then happened to be talking to some friends about La Disparition (or A Void) the French novel written without the letter e. This gave me the idea of rewriting portions of O magazine without the letter o. It's actually pretty hard. Observe (regard): The original: "Here We Go! I think I may have mentioned this once or twice over the years, but in case you missed it, let me repeat: I like to read. I call friends for recommendations, I prowl bookstores, I go on regular hunting expeditions in search of the next wonderful story. But my best source for a delicious piece of fiction, a brilliant memoir, a gorgeous photo collection, or anything else I want to curl up with is the reading section of the magazine you're currently holding in your hands." Check out the translation by clicking on the photo.


And here, the translation, without the use of "o": Here We Begin! I think I may have said this a few times in my life, but in case my readers missed it, let me repeat: I like reading. I call friends that they may advise my reading, I visit literature-sellers, I enact regular hunts seeking the next great tale. But my best wellspring that spews a delectable untrue tale, a brilliant true tale regarding a human life, beautiful images taken with a camera, and anything else I might like curling up with, is the reading part in the magazine my readers are currently palpating in their hands.

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Let's try pilgrimage instead of expedition?