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O.G. O.C. Real Housewife Lauri Leaves Show After Son Is Jailed

On last night's episode of Real Housewives, one of the original cast members, Lauri, decided to stop filming in order to "focus on family." (Lauri's young son Josh has been battling a heroin addiction and is currently in jail. In the series premiere of Housewives, Josh was in juvenile detention, and Lauri said she wanted him to learn a lesson, which is why she didn't help him out of trouble. At the same time, Lauri was dating a drug addict whom she allowed to be in the company of her children.) While it's a good idea that she focuses on family, it leaves one wondering why she really left the show. As footage was shown of Lauri getting a massage, a voiceover explains that she was "embarrassed and humiliated" when Joshwas arrested. Was she finally sick of the scrutiny of being in the public eye, and the insults about being a gold-digging, bad mother?

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Lauri's morals are as demented as her botched face. If you remember, her son initially got busted because a teacher "thought" he had some Ganj, which if I remember correctly, he did not....even if he did, to allow your young, teen son to go to a CA juvie hall IS INSANE!!!

And I too took note how she seemed much more concerned with how things were effecting HER, not that her son was getting his ass rammed in a CA prison. She has the $$ now, there are programs, years long, out of the country that she could send him to if she really wanted to try and help him.

**Also, remember her reaction when he was taken in by George's ex-wife (gf of D.Rodman) , it was all about Lauri. Would she of prefered he sleep on the street?

She's a hag and I hope she's putting some of that cash away for when George get's tired of her.