O.C. Ladies Realize Plastic Surgery Is A Luxury, Not A Right

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Now that the rich are, well, less so, they're making all sorts of stunning realizations! First, they learned they don't need private Pilates classes and now they're noticing that Botox is not a bare necessity.


Indeed, the New York Times dutifully covers the whims of the top 2% of American spenders, and today they're telling us that those vain women among them are getting less plastic surgery now that they have less disposable cash. The number of breast implants has gone down by 5% during the three months ending Sept. 26 over the same period last year.

What's more:

“In Orange County, where plastic surgery is a part of their culture, doctors told me business is down 30 to 40 percent,” said Thomas Seery, the president of realself.com, a site devoted to reviewing vanity-medicine procedures. “That tells me something is fundamentally changing there.”


Thank goodness! Maybe some day, O.G. Real Housewife Lauri will let her face move again.

Putting Vanity on Hold [NYT]

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Erin Gloria Ryan

The thing that most frosts my cupcakes is: how do stupid, insufferable women get so wealthy: marrying well and then launching their own line of handbags? Meanwhile, smart, capable women everywhere are trying to claw their way up a greased corporate ladder that they may never fully ascend.

What I want is a female meritocracy, rather than a cheerocracy.