NYFW Founder on All the New Models: I Don't Know Them

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Here’s a fun Friday story: Fern Mallis, the fashion industry icon who founded New York Fashion Week in 1993 (it was called 7th on Sixth back then), is as flummoxed by the new wave of models as people who don’t have front row seats to every runway in town. During an event earlier this week, Mallis expressed her unfamiliarity with this year’s roster of models by saying, “There’s a thousand names on the calendar I’ve never heard of,” she said. “Every time I get an invitation, I go, ‘Who is this?’”

Ugh, don’t you just love it when famous people don’t know her?! Per Page Six, she went on to soften her initial comments (this was not shade) by saying:

“I wish there was a way to inform us in advance of who these people are, because you know you are going to be missing a lot of talent because you wind up going to the names you know.”


Follow all of Page Six’s NYFW coverage here. I’m sure it will continue to be essential.

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