NYC Billionaire Mayor Totally Hates Babymakers

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  • Another woman has accused Bloomberg L.P. of discriminating against the pregnant. Monica Prestia has joined the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's lawsuit against the financial giant. Apparently a barren supervisor was "openly hostile" to the fertile Prestia. That sort of sounds like the fertile crescent. Now I can't stop thinking about vaginas. [NY Times]
  • Doctors say that exercise helps people who suffer from fibromyalgia. You know, for those few minutes a day when they're not experiencing crippling pain. [Science Daily]
  • Most hysterectomies are still done the invasive way, by opening up the abdomen and taking out the uterus. Another, less invasive option? The uterus can be extracted through the vagina. On the upside, it leaves no scars. The downside is they're taking your uterus out through your vagina. [Reuters]
  • Ugh, this guy deserves the chair: a man in Tennessee is accused of shocking his two teenage daughters with electric collars used on dogs and then raping them. [ABC News]
  • President Moron vetoed a bill that would have provided $310.9 million in family-planning services which would have provided services for 139,000 women. I can't wait for election 2008. [Feminist Majority Foundation]
  • Some obese women with BMIs over 35 are being denied in-vitro fertilization because of their weight. The British Fertility Society says that IVF should only be offered to women whose BMI is 30 or under because "Obesity reduces the chances that a woman will conceive naturally and decreases the possibility that fertility treatment will be successful." [BBC News]



Isn't an empty uteris a lot smaller than a baby? Plus, no bones, right?

Through the catbag sounds better to me.