NY Times writer Hannah Seligman says that women need to be more forthright and better at negotiating in order to advance in the working world โ€” fair enough right? But Seligman then blames the problems that women experience in the workplace on the supposed meritocracy of academia not preparing women to recognize sexism... and the need of modern women to mitigate their more "feminine" traits. Says one Jezebel reader: "Besides her obnoxious generalizations about the pitfalls of "feminine traits" in the workforce, it's not very well written. 'One tactic I've found useful in getting over the perfectionist tendency is a shock therapy called soliciting feedback. Not only does it demystify what your boss thinks about you, but it also gives you the data to become a more valuable employee.' My mom has a word for this kind of unfortunate prose: gobbledygook." [NY Times]