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'NY Post' Columnist Finds Some Really Classy Reasons To Dis The Tentdress Trend

Illustration for article titled NY Post Columnist Finds Some Really Classy Reasons To Dis The Tentdress Trend

The New York Post's Farrah Weinstein is not only pals with Victoria Gotti, she is representative of the particular brand of fashion writer that desires to "call the end" of fashion trends she dislikes. And she has set her sights on one very very ubiquitous example: the cute billowy dress trend! Why malign the only trend that keeps us from hating ourselves more than we already do, you ask? Well, for starters, "men don't like it." In particular, one nightclub bouncer in the Hamptons named Michaelangelo L'Acqua (Google: he dabbles in music!) doesn't so much buy the whole "clavicle is the new cleavage" theory of thinness exhibitionism! "I like ass," he says. "I like all types of asses and a pair of jeans that really contours to it. I'm not going to hate on baby-dolls, but nothing beats a good ass." But the real reason Farrah hates them? Because when she wears them, she loses all control of herself:

So I kept eating. And eating. And eating. No jean zipper to worry about. No stomach to stick out. No problem. Wearing this dress, I ate about 2,000 calories more than I normally would.


Right. This makes so much sense. It's sort of like when you don't wear underwear you can't help but piss all over the house and try to fuck everyone you meet. Except, you know, we don't actually have that problem. We like babydoll dresses because they are comfy, unslutty and they remind us of a time when commercial radio was good and we did not know there was such a place as the "Hamptons."

Baby Blues [NY Post]

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Sorry but I can't condone taking fashion advice or critique from a woman who wears a belly baring button down with built in boob pockets. She should worry about her own problems dressing herself and stop hating on the most comfy thing I've worn since I was 12.