Believe us, we know all too well that Foxy Brown has been misbehaving for a long time, and recently, she's practically been compulsively violating the terms of her probation (stemming from an incident in which she slapped the crap out of two manicurists over a bill dispute). She's definitely earned her year-long stay in Rikers, but we felt a twinge of empathy for her when we read Andrea Peyser's piece in today's NY Post in which she took Foxy to task for not showing up for her court appearance last week, because reportedly she didn't want to be seen in public without her hair and makeup done. Andrea says:

What a tragic sight... Foxy Brown walked into the Brooklyn courtroom wearing no hair extensions, no makeup, no Christian Louboutin stilettos. She wore a sad, brown corduroy jacket and contrasting plaid pants that were not from Prada, but H&M. Her braided hair was matted.

Why is it that when people want to take a woman down a peg or two, they almost always resort to potshots about her sexuality or physical appearance?

It's been particularly bad in the press lately, from all the fat jokes about Britney Spears to the nasty gang rape comment Peyser's colleagues made about writer Vanessa Grigoriadis. Frankly, it's a lazy method, but more than that, it's so fucking sexist it blows our minds. For instance, was the following passage really necessary?

I've been watching Foxy's court escapades for more than a year, watching her come late, make excuses, and laugh off the justice system. I even trailed her during a memorable appearance when she could barely keep her shirt on.


First of all, Foxy is not the female rapper known for her nip slips, Lil' Kim is. But anyway, yeah, we get it, Foxy has been acting like an asshole and breaking the law. She probably needs some serious anger management therapy and serving time might actually do her some good. But honestly, we think that Peyser should take some of the advice that she dishes out to Foxy, and "Grow up, girlfriend."

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