NY Observer columnist and Barneys New York creative director Simon Doonan on the designers showing at NY Fashion Week and the fashion editors who loved them: "They've all lost their minds. Last week all the Patsys and Edinas came charging out of the tents of Bryant Park shrieking about the return of COLOR for spring. They are still clinging to the notion that it is possible to identify clear directions and specific trends. They are in denial about the fact that fashion—from Cavalli to K-Mart—has become a giant free-for-all, and that cheeky upbeat gals who want color will wear it, just as they did last spring, and gloomy existentialist gals who wear black will continue to do so... you are the one with all the influence. The designers are just playing 'pin the tail on the donkey.' They have no power over you. The fashion world changes when you get bored with a particular notion or trend, and not before." [NYO]

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He is officially invited to my fantasy dinner party with Tim Gunn and Tina Fey.