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Nurse Jackie: Staying In Touch

Illustration for article titled emNurse Jackie/em: Staying In Touch

Last night on Nurse Jackie, Dr. O'Hara rolled on E, Dr. Cooper took up Twitter, Jackie's hubris led her to bungle a diagnosis, and Zoey found God in a hospital bed.


Jackie's usual support, Dr. O'Hara, was hopped up on ecstasy following the death of her mother. As Jackie rushes to the rescue — a recurring turn of events — Sam the cute nurse is cementing his place as the external irritant. He's clearly going to be the first person to discover her secret.

To everyone who feared that Jackie's affair with Eddie was going to come back to haunt her, Fatal Attraction style, your suspicions are gradually being confirmed. This is still a rather slow, deliberately-paced set-up, and we'll see how the writers decide to clue Jackie in on it. Kevin seems to get past Eddie's weirdness too easily. Professional affability of a barman or just plain implausible?


Merritt Wever, who plays Zoey, is a comic talent with a style entirely her own. She was in top form here.

This was a case of Jackie's hero complex getting the better of her, as she undercut Cooper to rush some test results for a little boy's possible cystic fibrosis diagnosis. Putting an impossibly adorable child in the center just felt plain manipulative — a clue to the fact that Jackie was going to be horribly wrong in this case.

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Die anyone else die laughing when God was bonked on the head with that bottle? I had to re-watch it. What a perfectly executed shot and great sound effect. I'm laughing just remembering it.