Nurse Jackie: "It's Not Like I'm Addicted"

It became clear last night that Nurse Jackie's pill dependency is going to be a real problem.

The episode opened with Jackie at home in the bathroom, accidentally dropping a pill down the drain and using gum and a pen to retrieve it, right before her husband walked in on her. Later, she found out that her hospital's resident pharmacist — with whom she has sex every day at noon and depends on to keep her pill supply coming — is going to be replaced by a drug-dispensing machine. But when she had to face a tourist patient who was suffering from withdrawal symptoms, all the things Nurse Jackie told the woman — it's a slippery slope, you can't just stop — were things Jackie should be telling herself. And as she went to get the woman some kind of phone number for addicts, Jackie found a pill in her pocket and swallowed it. Clip above.


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Zombie Ms. Skittles

Okay, this is starting to actually sound like a really good show and less like a House rip-off like everyone's been worried about.