Now Your Wedding Can Look Just Like the Pages of Vogue

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So many weddings seem to be planned with an eye to the photos and their ultimate appearance in a magazine/bridal style blog/Facebook. Which makes it pretty unsurprising that, apparently, you can now hire a Condé Nast-approved team to style and photograph your special day.

That's according to Page Six:

A house ad in British Vogue urges readers: "Create your own legend . . . The finest photographers, stylists, editors and directors present your story in the iconic Condé Nast style . . . A new bespoke service for discerning individuals."


I wonder if they do barn weddings?

This seems pretty dangerous, though! Working as a wedding vendor certainly isn't mutually exclusive with a gig as a fashion photographer or high-end stylist, but most magazine pros are used to professional models accustomed to having orders barked at them. You're likely better off with a team equipped to handle a last-minute crying jag and/or disruptions from a particularly maddening relative. But maybe "discerning individuals" handle that sort of thing with trained security guards and tranquilizers.

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"Now Your Wedding Can Look Just Like the Pages of Vogue"