Now Your Chance to Live Out Dirty Dancing Is Gone Forever

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A hotel in the Catskills that inspired Dirty Dancing has burned down despite the best efforts of 43 fire companies and some 300 firefighters to save a little piece of cinematic history. Though the movie was filmed mostly in North Carolina, Brown's Hotel in the city of Loch Sheldrake inspired the story of a girl (recent Dancing with the Stars darling Jennifer Gray) who salvages a lame family vacation when she starts to have sweaty dance sessions with an 80s-era Patrick Swayze.

Brown's, also a favorite of comedian Jerry Lewis, had been turned into condominiums in 1997. (Imagine, for a moment, an unsexy version of Dirty Dancing, if instead of an aspiring dancer, Jennifer Gray had been an aspiring comedian and Jerry Lewis had been her lecherous tutor.) No one was killed or injured in the fire, though many area residents lost their homes and possessions. Officials have described the blaze as the worst in the history of the Catskills, probably because it not only wreaked havoc on the area surrounding the hotel, but destroyed a cultural landmark of hot and heavy 80s vibes as well.


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Hotel that inspired ‘Dirty Dancing' goes up in flames [MSNBC]

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Ah, sad to be sure.

But I think the dream died with Swayze, I'm afraid.