A wonderful new innovation has paved the way for a guilt-free adoption process whereby a potential cat mommy or daddy can play with a cat remotely, without ever having to get too close to an animal only to be like, "Um, sorry, no home for you." A no-kill shelter in Los Angeles has just instituted "i-Pet," which lets users not only spy on candid cats via webcam, but also control a tantalizing array of cat toys. The system should help people figure out what degree of playfulness, skittishness, or outright befuddlement they're most looking for in a feline companion, without feeling compelled to give in to the plaintive mewing of cats eager for adoption because nobody wants to end up with a gnarled, used cat that only has one eye and razor blades for claws. People want kittens, mostly for the new-cat smell.

Playing with adoptable cats online [CBS]