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Now You Can Pay to Have Sex in the Sky

Illustration for article titled Now You Can Pay to Have Sex in the Sky

If you're really desperate to have sex in mid-air and live within reasonable proximity of Cincinnati, — a city now not only famous for its hideous football uniforms but for its aeronautical libertines — you can pay a voyeuristic pilot to listen to you have sex with your SO in the back of his Cessna. Flight is, after all, a miracle and for people who are really too modest to bone in an airliner's cubby-hole bathroom, the champagne, chocolates, and spacious pallet that the $425 sex flight Flamingo Air offers is the perfect alternative to four hours in coach under the recriminating gaze of a knowing flight attendant. Then again, if some guy was offering $50 sex rides in the bed of his pick-up truck while he did doughnuts in front of your local church and blasted Waylon Jennings, he probably wouldn't get too much business, and riding in a single-engine airplane is only a pair of wings away from riding in a musty car with no muffler.


Cincinnati-based Flamingo Air will allows passengers have sex during flights [NDNY]

Image via Sanjay Deva/Shutterstock.

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I feel like a total scuzzbucket for being into this. I'm not into sex in front of non consenting parties, so I can't fool around with the prestohus in our seats, and plane toilets are repulsive to me.... I just figured I'd never be in the Mile High Club.