Now You Can Jill Off to Fifty Shades of Grey in the Real Fifty Shades of Grey Penthouse

Illustration for article titled Now You Can Jill Off to emFifty Shades of Grey/em in the Real emFifty Shades of Grey/em Penthouse

The Escala building in the Belltown neighborhood of Seattle is the setting where the kinky sexual relationship between billionaire Christian Grey and naïve college student Anastasia Steele takes place, and if you have about $6 million, you can live there! The condo has tons of amenities: a private spa, a gym with yoga studio, private dining room, full catering kitchen and dining area with room for 140, theater room, and a dog run. The views are stunning; the decor is best described as Nouveau Tackée. According to Zillow, Fifty Shades writer EL James used a bit of creative license when describing the property — you can't land a helicopter on the penthouse roof like the dude in the book did. Sorry. And a warning for non-rich gawkers and looky-loos: If you want to see one of the 5,200-square-foot, fully customizable private penthouse, you'll need to be pre-qualified.


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"Now You Can Jill Off..."

Is this the female equivalent to "jack off"? I have never heard of that. Huh. Learn something new every day!