Now You Can Fly the Friendly Hello Kitty Skies

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What's the thing you value most in an airline? Reliability? Experience? Safety? Well, if you answered "cuteness" then you might want to consider flying with Hello Kitty Air. Yes, of course that is an actual thing. Taiwanese airline EVA air now has Hello Kitty-themed planes where you can enjoy an in-flight experience jam-packed with your favorite playful cat's face on everything from the actual plane to the boarding passes to the food served on board. Sounds like a very adorable time—until you run into engine trouble, and you're left relying on Hello Kitty and her fun bunch of pals to bring in a cartoon-covered plane for a complicated emergency landing. Though, to be fair, those Hello Kitty-themed oxygen masks are probably super cute.

[Via PSFK]

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I've heard that the lavatories on board aren't that great.