Now You Can Buy Weed Named After Blue Ivy Carter

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Well, you have to hand it to drug dealers. They're nothing if not enterprising, and they're not going to miss out on making a buck off the latest pop culture obsession just because that obsession is a tiny, innocent baby. Yes, Blue Ivy Carter, the blessed child of Beyonce and Jay-Z, may be just a week old, but she already has a strain of weed named after her. It's all downhill from here, kid. But seriously, "OG Blue Ivy" is actually on sale at pot dispensaries in LA. So, if you're still looking for that perfect baby gift for Beyonce and Jay-Z, you know what to do!

Blue Ivy Sprouting Up in LA Pot Shops [TMZ via The Daily What]

Image via Elena Ioachim/Shutterstock.

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ad infinitum

It's amazing to me how topic the names of strains are. Tiger Blood is my favorite so far, but it was shitty weed, sadly.