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Now There's a Boy Scouts Sexual Abuse Database

Illustration for article titled Now Theres a Boy Scouts Sexual Abuse Database

The Los Angeles Times just launched a database that holds around 1,200 previously unpublished files from the Boy Scouts of America which document suspected sexual abuse incidents that the organization tried to keep private for nearly a decade. The victims' names and other identifying info have been redacted, but some prominent leaders across the country are now newly outed.


Of note:

About as many files were opened in the six years before 1991 as in the previous two decades. At least in part, that reflects greater reporting of accusations, as awareness of child sexual abuse rose in the Scouts and society at large. About that time, the Scouts launched a concerted effort to train youths and adults on how to identify and prevent sexual abuse.



The files do not represent a complete accounting of alleged abuse in Scouting. Experts say many cases probably were not reported to the national office, and the Scouts say the organization destroyed an unknown number of files over the years.

Baby steps?

[LA Times]


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EisenBolan, SJW

They destroyed files relating to child abuse? Isn't this aiding and abetting or at least destroying evidence? Since they did little how many more young boys were molested?

Whoever ordered these files destroyed should be arrested for destroying evidence and maybe charge them with aiding pedophiles.

I wish anyone running a children's organization and does not report child abuse is charged as a child abuser whether its sexual or physical abuse.