Now That They've Brought The Entire Industry Down With Them, Women's Magazines Officially Too Stupid To Mock

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We could not agree more with Peter Carlson's annual magazine grouse-a-thon in the Washington Post about 2007, the year American's magazine editors "kept finding excuses to publish stories about other years." (Spin wrote about 1977, Newsweek 1968, Rolling Stone 1967 and US News 1957.) He ridicules Popular Science for a story about "Robot Boogers: How Synthetic Snot Could Save Your Life" and Details for "Inside the World of Fat Sex" and Men's Health for "Men Who Cut Out Their Own Organs" and TIME for running a whole story on the 100 most influential people in the Universe — and forgetting to include Vladimir Putin, who would later become TIME's "Person of the Year." The genre of magazines that somehow escapes his mockery? That's right, our blessed ladymags, the act of reading which makes us pine for cyborg snot.

Well, that's not entirely true.

Judith Newman flew from New York to Los Angeles to interview Britney Spears for Allure magazine, only to spend four days waiting while the interview kept getting postponed, then canceled. So Newman wrote a story about not interviewing Britney. It began like this: "What would I do if I were 25, world famous, unimaginably wealthy, and no one could say no to me? Well, first, I'd sleep with Dick Cheney. (It's my world. Welcome to it.)"


Um, what?

Anyway, so there you have it folks: women's magazines, such a joke they are beyond being worthy of joking about. Can't wait to dig in to this new Vogue! And also, find out why men cut out their own organs?

Tucked Between The Covers, 2007 Snoozes Into History [Newsweek]

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@HoneyLush: @badmutha: see, I can see this. NOT because I would ever, ever want to sleep with the man. BUT, I've always said if I could sleep with anyone in the world it would be Bush or Cheney. Because then you take the DNA evidence and go to the papers. RUIN that man's career and reputation. Make him go through the Clinton-Lewinsky circus so he doesn't have time to pass ridiculous laws. Ruin him! MWA HA HA HA!!!

As per magazine's doing issues on different years, I blame VH1's "I love the *insert decade here*" series...