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Now Moms-To-Be Are Photoshopping Sonograms Onto Their Bellies

Illustration for article titled Now Moms-To-Be Are Photoshopping Sonograms Onto Their Bellies

First came the maternity photo shoots. Then came the naked maternity photo shoots. (Body paint optional.) So it makes total sense that pregnant ladies are now photoshopping their sonograms onto their bellies. Right? Riiiight.


The Daily's Chavie Lieber spoke with the woman behind the popular Tumblr STFU Parents, who said she's gotten tons of photo submissions of women with glow-in-the-dark baby alien bellies in the past few weeks. "It's become the new painted belly," she said. "They're doing it because they're a little obsessive. There's something inherently narcissistic about taking the time to create this ‘art.' "

The photographers behind the "art" think differently. "Women love seeing what their children look like on their belly, they find it intriguing," photographer Shelly Kuhn said. "I would love to do more of these. But there is a debate over whether it's morbid and disgusting or beautiful."


We couldn't put our feelings about sonogram photoshopping into words, so Lindy made this blingee instead:

Now that's art.

A fetal photo fad [The Daily]

Image via Missa Cherie Photography

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