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TitanicTitanicAll Titanic all the time.

Titanic, boosted by 3-D ticket prices, has crossed the $2 billion threshold, assuring the world that James Cameron will reign as the all-time box office king probably until his death when it becomes appropriate for someone to remake all of his movies. Only one other movie has grossed more — Cameron's Avatar, which gobbled up $2.8 billion. Titanic's total stands at $2.03 billion right now, and probably won't go much higher until its re-re-release, when James Cameron will charge super exorbitant ticket prices to take movie-goers one by one on private tours to the actual Titanic wreck in his claustrophobic submersible. Fingers cross that he's not a mouth-breather!


3-D release steers 'Titanic' past $2 billion mark [AP]


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