Two of Vogue's seven cover lines this November refer to saving money โ€” is Anna Wintour about to grace us with tips on secondhand clothes and living-room staycations? Hardly! Those "chic destinations for the wallet-conscious" include Hacienda Petac, a "seventeenth-century estate in Mexico's Yucatan" for $10,500/week, and Jnane Salmia Pavillion, "an enchanting little house, with its own pool" in Marrakech for a weekly rent of $8,300. But don't despair โ€” these getaways sleep ten and eight respectively, so you'll still have enough left over for a "budget" shopping spree at Oscar de la Renta and Zac Posen with Mamie Gummer, Meryl Streep's kid. Sure, it's hard to tell whose wallet Vogue is conscious of, but it's also hard to stay mad. After all, if Vogue didn't present us with ridiculously expensive getaways, dresses, cookies (p. 164) and onesies (p. 278), we wouldn't know which way was up(market). The extravagance continues, after the jump.