Nothing Inappropriate Whatsoever About Katy Perry's Military-Themed Video

Katy Perry's whipped cream shooting breasts have been deployed overseas in this preview of her poorly-timed, military-themed video for her hit new song "Autotuned Shouting About Russell Brand."


Now that Katy Perry has done everything edgy a gal can do nowadays (kiss girls! AND LIKE IT! West Coast represent now throw your hands up! Do you ever feel like a plastic bag? etc.), she's unfulfilled. And fans want to know: what could possibly exist in the great world beyond her 27-year-old teenage dreams? And how's she handling the ol' divorce?

Perry addresses these concerns and more in her new video. In the 25-second preview, Perry has, for some reason, joined the military during wartime and is someplace dusty and very unglamorous and possibly explodey. The audience is supposed to realize that this is analogous to her relationship with her soon-to-be ex husband Russell Brand. Because love is a battlefield. And all's fair in love and war. And tanks for the memories. And sex bomb.


Guess she's trusting that the majority of her fans won't see this and be unpleasantly reminded of the fact that an American soldier just went on a drunken killing rampage in an Afghan village this week, killing 16 people, most of whom were women and children.


Katy Perry joins military in 'Part of Me' trailer [NYPost]

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And here I am crying my eyes out leaving for basic training, and this happens. I don't even know what to think. Because I know I'm scared shitless at passing the PT test that I've been working on.

It just sucks. For myself. It's just a slap in the face honestly because knowing Katy, she'll make it look so glam and it's not. It's not at all. Here I am wondering what soap to pack and will it get thrown away and will I get shouted at for the wrong stuff I brought, and Katy and loads of others think it's some wonderful joke.

It's not. There are people younger than me (I'm 20) fucking scared and trying to make a living in the military because it's our only option. Then you have pop stars thinking oh I have mud on my face, go USA! No. No. NO.