Noted Girlfriend-Impregnator Levi Johnston Strikes Again

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At just twenty-one years old, Levi Johnston is already being known for his "world class" sperm and failure to use condoms properly. First his little swimmers (and some wine coolers) were involved in Bristol Palin's pregnancy. And now, TMZ is reporting that Levi's tiny, valiant soldiers have rammed through the membrane of another egg: That of 20-year-old Sunny Oglesby, a school teacher from Wasilla, Alaska. Ms. Oglesby is allegedly in the very early stages of pregnancy, which means that soon little Tripp Palin will have a half-brother or sister. Of course, Tripp may already have a half brother: In Bristol's book, she alleges that Levi cheated on her constantly and they broke up when he got some other girl pregnant. Twenty-one years old, three pregnancies… that we know of. It's Levi Johnston's world, we're just living in it.





When stuff like this happens I just sort of figure someone involved is getting pregnant on purpose. Either he's lying about condom use, or the girls are not using their birth control seems suspect that you would have 3 accidental pregnancies. I feel the same way about all the celebrities who seem to "accidentally" get pregnant with people they're dating - why is the celebrity accidental pregnancy rate so much higher than the general populations?