Noted Asshat Liz Trotta Thinks Feminists Are Causing Military Rape

Fox News analyst Liz Trotta, determined to take a dump all over any shred of dignity she was thinking about leaving in her legacy, has clarified what she said about military rape victims totally asking for it last week: she didn't mean to say that they were personally totally asking for it, just that women shouldn't be in combat at all because in a combat situation, men get super rapey and it isn't even their fault. But her clarification just makes her sound like more of a dick.


Last week, Trotta managed to simultaneously anger female veterans, rape victims, women, men who care about women, male veterans who don't appreciate being called rapists, and, oh, let's just say adorable, fluffy puppies when she said that women who fight alongside men shouldn't be surprised that they end up getting "raped too much." She also told Fox News anchor Eric Shawn that sexual assault victims' services were a waste of money, part of a feminist conspiracy that hinges on the belief that women can be warriors. Women shouldn't be allowed to fight, she reasons, because of rape.

Well, yesterday, she wanted the public to know that she didn't adequately explain herself that first time. When she said that because war turns men into rapists, women should not be allowed to be in combat because they're so very rapeable, what she meant was the following,

...male troops are now encumbered with the realities of feminist biology. Women are not as strong as men. Their instincts and reactions in crisis are markedly different. There's a reality the left will not face. Biology is destiny.

Women are weak and they make everything crappy. But wait! There's more!

I certainly did not say all military men are rapists. What I believe and tried to express, apparently not well enough, is that the environment of combat by definition sets up a situation where basic instincts rule. The niceties of male, female interaction fade in this arena and any scientist will tell you that testosterone rules.


So she said exactly what she said the first time, but with new words that were offensive in a totally new and different way. She wasn't saying that men are rapists, just that their penises and testosterone are. See?

To be fair, Trotta takes care to point out that she doesn't think that this isn't female soldiers' fault or even the fault of the rapists themselves: rape in the military is the fault of The Feminists and The Leftists who have a Politically Correct Agenda that aims to fill the battlefields with women and turn the military into a knitting circle that gets its period all at the same time while singing Liz Phair songs and trying on shoes.


Liz Trotta would probably do herself a favor to sit the next few rounds out and waited until everyone had a new person to find insufferable for saying stupid shit about women. In the meantime, I better check my Right Winger Playing to Paranoid Shut Ins Bingo card; I think I just won.


RaisedByHeathens Orange Meanie-Pants

So whenever people talk about women or gays in the military in a totally awful way- they are talking about me and my friend Bruce. You DO NOT want me or Bruce in the military. I am weak and prone to freaking out over things. Bruce does drag and can't open his mouth without cocks and glitter getting everywhere. So whenever someone talks about how horrible it would be to have gays and women on the frontlines, they are really saying Bruce and I would be horrible on the frontlines. And they are right. Neither Bruce nor I deserve to be within a thousand miles of military action.....but Bruce and I don't want to be in the military. The people who WANT to be in the military- the gay people and the women people who really really want to march and fight and serve-those people are nothing like me(and thank gods for that) They are strong and physically capable, they are efficient and good at following orders and may I reiterate: THEY WANT TO BE THERE. I never understood what is so hard about that concept.

Also, I hope I can make it to my death without being know as a "notable asshat"