We know we keep going on about this, but what drug is Cameron Diaz on exactly? The woman seems to be hitting a new country each day to promote her new film Shrek 3 (seriously — has any movie ever gotten this many premieres? The studio does realize this is an animated movie about a green ogre with a Scottish accent, don't they?) — and yet she looks both ravishing and well-rested. The impossibly beautiful — and secretly jet-lagged? — Cameron Diaz at eight different places over the course of a month, after the jump.

Left, 'Shrek 3' premiere; Madrid, June 13. Right, 'Shrek 3' premiere; London, June 12.


Left, 'Shrek 3' premiere; Berlin June 10. Right, 'Shrek 3' premiere; Paris, June 8.

Left, MTV Movie Awards; Los Angeles, June 3. Right, 'Shrek 3' premiere; Tokyo, May 28.


Left, 'Shrek 3' premiere; Sydney, May 23. Right, 'Shrek 3' premiere; Los Angeles, May 6.

[Images via FilmMagic and Splash]

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