Designer Roberto Cavalli is kind of awesome. Sure, he wants to cover the world in leopard print and has a Segway, but that kind of wacky is a goldmine. In an interview he did after a speaking engagement at Oxford University, he issued forth the following quips: (On Kate Moss) "I am against drugs and against the people who sell them and use them. But when I choose a model, I think about them professionally. Kate's incredible in front of a camera. I don't care what she does in life." (Who, living or dead, would you most want to design for?) "There are many. The divas don't exist anymore like they used to in the '50s and '60s. Marilyn Monroe or maybe a crazy woman like Cleopatra. Or Helen of Troy." (It's been said that you prefer designing for women over men. Why?) "It's true. Because with a woman I can have a fantasy and create something special. Men today don't have any personality because it's not permitted. Men want to dress differently but they're afraid." [FashionWeekDaily]