Here's Some Questionable Advice from TV Dads

Some of it's good, some of it's great, and some of it is downright annoying — just like dad!


[via HooplaHa]

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Not trolling here at all coz I'm an avid reader of Jezebel but I gotta ask, why is the only truly positive posting about Fathers thus far been by a man (Mike Adamick's :Open letter to my Daughter)? Why has every article or posting by the women of Jezebel been snarky, negative, and in no way a true celebration of fathers? This video was nothing but a bunch of clips of stereotypically "goofy dads." The other articles thus far have been "Dad's be wanting baby's, An ode to Deadbeat Dad's, We found a shittier dad than Don Draper, Oh look another crybaby MRA seeking for more reverence towards fathers...meh!"

Jezebel, am I missing the satire, the point or whatever angle you're all going for? I mean we can't even at least get an article highlighting the things our fathers get right, the positive things they did to make us who we are? Would it be so much to ask, or should I just shut up and go empty the gutters?