Not-So-Endless Summer

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Is the era of the fake-bake finally over? The marvelous Simon Doonan says yes: "Every trend has a sell-by date, and the fake tan thing definitely expired this year," Doonan tells The Times. "What once looked healthy and lush now looks cheesy and has baaad connotations... I associate a tanned look with skin cancer, but, really, it’s the fake thing. Centuries ago, women used powdered lead to whiten their faces. It made them ill and is just as loony as hosing yourself with tangerine fake tan.” Beauty expert Joanna McGarry agrees, calling the super-tan look, "defined by excessive fake tanning, a French manicure and lashings of lip gloss, is unbelievably ageing.” So what's the alternative? According to Ruby Warrington, "the new pallor is all about the natural look, a kind of pared-down beauty that needs no artifice." In other words, George Hamilton is out and Edward Cullen is totally in.[TimesOnline]


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This does not bode well for me. I work outdoors and by default I get tan in the summer. I consider this 'natural' and I hate the fact that people would consider me vain because of it. I actually think I look really good with a tan and the guys seem to appreciate a good tan too.