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Not only is Marc Jacobs on every editor's shit list, including Vogue editor Anna Wintour's, he should probably also keep an eye out for some PETA-hurled red paint. His on-and-off boy toy Jason Preston reportedly showed up to Marc's show and after-party with a dead-mouse brooch pinned to his lapel, designed by Jacobs himself of course. Discuss: Was Marc more talented when he was a slightly chubby blow-ho? Either way, Benjamin Moore "Tricycle Red" will add a much needed splash of color on that roadkill. []


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Congratulations sir, you win the coveted "I'm the most ironic one in the room" award.

Except that like 10 years ago some other artist already used mice. And I must say, he did so with a bit more, shall we say, panache, than you.

How's that for irony, you sloppy-seconds mouse-killer, you.