Not only is Jessica Seinfeld a possible plagiarist, she's also a possible pusher. MediaPost wonders if "Mrs. Moneybags is pushing a gateway brownie," because toddlers who grow up "with their brownies spiked with spinach grow up with an affinity in their later years for the kind of brownies that come with stronger roots — like seeds and stems." Just think about that next time you're trying to slip little Grayson and Chloe some illicit kale. [MediaPost]

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@BeAgrestic: Watching Jerry on Larry King made me want to boycott watching re-runs of Seinfeld: Smug, arrogant, completely out of touch with reality with the audacity to be dismissive about the cookbook controversy. He stopped Larry from further questions saying, "I'm just so tired of it." Yeah, Jer, so are we.

It would be safe to say—given the over-the-top marketing campaigns that started when the movie was still in production—that JS had A LOT riding on the first weekend of his bee movie. I'm glad it lost out top spot to Ridley Scott's American Gangster—a real movie.

Oprah will never be able to wear Louboutin's again without everyone wondering, "Are those—well, you know?"