Not Having Sex? You Must Be Happy!

Depressed women — whether single or in a relationship — have a third more sex than happier women, or so says a new study from Australia. According to Dr. Sabura Allen, women suffering from mild to moderate depression not only have sex more frequently, but are more likely to engage in casual sex and have a larger variety of sexual experiences. Allen hypothesizes that these women are looking for closeness and security through sex. Bullshit! By saying that happier women don't have sex that often, the study implies that women not seeking frequent sexual satisfaction are the norm. It also assumes that women only go after sex on a consistent basis because they are searching for something beyond simply having a good time, thereby supporting outdated stereotypes about women and sexuality. I can say here and now that by boning as much as I am physically able to, the only void I'm trying to fill is the one between my legs.

Here's something else: I've been in a depressed state for an extended period of time before. It was the only time in my life that I didn't want to have sex with anyone. I just wanted to be left alone to wallow. But the biggest red flag about this whole study—which will be published in the British Medical Journal—is that it was based on a survey of 107 women in Australia. 107! That's it! Shit, I've fucked more people than that. And I'm happy—not depressed—about it.


Study Shows More Sex For Depressed Women [Herald Sun]

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