Not Every Guy Wants To (Or Should) Be Well-Groomed

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When it comes to guys and grooming, we've just about heard it all: the Metrosexual, the retrosexual, the ill-kempt, the preening. Queer Eye For The Straight Guy was hit back in whenever. And a new UK survey has found that the average British man takes about half an hour getting ready to go out, and this number has gone up by 30% in the last five years. Although the Daily Mail (the paper we love to hate) tries to force shame on men ("Guys are becoming more vain," reads the headline), is there really a story here at all? Some dudes traipse around with messy hair, rumpled clothes and dirty fingernails while their dates have a blowout, manicure, makeup and heels. But do these guys need "fixing"?


The Today show sure thinks so: This morning saw a segment called "Scruffy Man Makeovers" in which the hosts dragged out grizzly, bearded dudes in need of shaves and haircuts. After the "afters", the women in their lives gushed about how handsome they were, and every single guy had the same, that was a fun thing I don't have to do again for awhile expression on his face. There's no way these men were reformed — or want to be! A man either sees the point of upkeep or doesn't. There's a difference between vanity and hygiene, and there's a difference between a makeover and an ambush on someone's personal choices (or lack thereof.) If a guy doesn't want to cut his hair or spend any time shaving, so what? Wouldn't most women would love to cut down on the time they spend primping? Why do we feel the need to change a man who's living the ready-in-no-time dream?

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When my husband is bearded, I say I like that look the best, when he's scruffy, I say THAT'S my fav. Same for when he is clean shaven. I'm not just saying what he wants to hear, but each is a different look that I like and he can rock them all.

The only one that is NOT okay is when the beard gets to look like he's been hiding in a spider hole for three months and the moustache starts to curl INTO his mouth. NOT okay! I tell him this, he tortures me by tickling me with said moustache for about 10 minutes, then laughs his way to the bathroom to shave it, declaring me "a good sport".