We just got an email from a PR agency, pushing Iman's clothing line, which included two images of the supermodel: One was an unretouched screen shot. The other? We'll classify it as a Photoshop Of Horrors.

Iman is gorgeous and slender! She is not, as far as we know, missing ribs. But the image on the right — shot by photographer Mike Ruiz, often featured on America's Next Top Model — shows the 55-year-old mother of two with an unrealistically tiny waist. Notice how the right side of the gold dress — designed by The Blonds — gets kind of weird between her hair and her hand. Probably because it was scooped out, digitally.


Perhaps you're thinking, "Hey, the dress has some kind of corset pulling her waist in. It's not Photoshop, it's the dress."

Yeah, well, check out this picture of Iman in a dress with a corset:

The point is this: Iman is beautiful and her body is amazing… But somehow someone thought it wasn't "good" enough — thin enough — to be distributed to the public. Americans mustn't ever discover that models have internal organs!

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