Not Even Dolphins Are Safe from the Bullying Epidemic

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The Bolsa Chica Wetlands in Huntington Beach, CA has hosted a new resident for the last 5 days — a 7-foot dolphin nicknamed by the locals as "Bolsa Chica Bob" or "Fred" (great nicknames, locals). Marine experts have attempted to push "Bolsa Chica Bob" into the deeper waters of Huntington Harbour only to have the dolphin retreat, possibly because he was bullied by other dolphins:

The image of dolphin bullies is not wholly in line with people's usualy conception of the creatures, [sea mammal wrangler Peter] Wallerstein said.

"People think they are happy loving animals but they have a dark side and can be aggressive with each other," he said.


Wildlife experts are currently unconcerned with the dolphin's safety, saying that there are enough fish in the wetlands for him to survive. They are, however, monitoring him 24/7 to ensure his health goes compromised. Says Wallerstein, "We're not going to abandon this dolphin by any means."

Poor Bolsa Chica Bob. It gets better!


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