Nicki Didn't Bail Out Her Brother After He Was Arrested For Raping a Child: Her Mother Did

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Despite earlier reports, Nicki Minaj is not the person who posted bail for her brother, 37-year-old Jelani Maraj, after he was accused of raping a 12-year-old girl. It was his mother, Carol, who shelled out the $100,000.

Writes Bossip:

Court papers obtained by BOSSIP show that it was their mother...who put up her Baldwin, N.Y. home along with two $50,000 promissary notes. A judge signed an order of protection, and Maraj must stay at least 100 yards away from the alleged victim and surrender any weapons. Interestingly, he lists his occupation on his bail paperwork as an employee of “Pink Personality Inc.” one of Nicki Minaj’s companies.


But Jelani isn’t the only man in Nicki’s life with legal troubles. Page Six is reporting that her boyfriend, the struggling rapper Meek Mill, might be headed back to jail soon.

Says a source:

“Meek will be in criminal court for a hearing over whether or not he violated his probation due to travel restrictions for his work.” There’s a chance “he could go to jail.”

In true Nicki fashion, she has not directly commented on either matter, but has posted these two photos on Instagram:


Guess she’s fine!

[Bossip / Page Six]

Yolanda Foster thinks divorce might cure Lyme disease, which is great news for married people with Lyme disease who hate their spouses. TMZ is reporting that Yolanda thinks “stress is the enemy,” when it comes to fighting the disease, and that she was always in worse shape when fighting with David.


They continue:

Our source says Yolanda constantly leaned on David during their marriage, but toward the end he was traveling a lot and she couldn’t handle the change and got really sick as a result.

Now that they’ve pulled the plug on their marriage, she has no expectation that he’ll be around, and that’s actually dramatically improved her health.


Congrats on your divorce, Yolanda!


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Dr. Mabuse

Not an Angelina fan, but I can’t blame her here. From all accounts I’ve heard, Jon Voight is a shitty human being and a terrible father.